The Nomadic Huts for Jaeger-LeCoultre

Heima was commissioned by the prestigious watch brand Jaeger LeCoultre, a part of the Richemont group, to design and develop an exclusive 24-hour cabin experience for their VIP guests visiting their manufacturing facility in the Vallée de Joux, Switzerland. Our primary objective is to align with the standards and goals of the manufacture, ensuring that guests are fully immersed in the brand’s universe and its remarkable evolution.

Phase 1: The cabin design

During the initial phase of the project, our focus was on designing the cabin, which will be crafted in the valley using locally sourced wood by a skilled artisan, ensuring adherence to stringent sustainability standards.

For this purpose, we presented three distinct design concepts:

  1. “Shooting Star” draws inspiration from the brand’s celestial collection, evoking the brilliance and dynamism of a shooting star streaking across the night sky.
  2. “Stardust” is inspired by the ethereal particles of the universe, capturing the mesmerizing essence of cosmic phenomena in a captivating design.
  3. “Forest Pavilion” takes cues from the lush forests of the valley, offering a tranquil and harmonious retreat amidst nature’s serene beauty.

Phase 2: The customer experience

We recognize that creating unforgettable memories for our guests hinges on offering tailor-made experiences. Personalization is key, reflecting our commitment to understanding and caring for our customers.

To facilitate this, we’ve identified three distinct customer journeys for the Nomadic Hut experience:

  1. Outdoor Enthusiast; focusing on outdoor life and the primary role of nature and all the activities directly related to it
  2. Ultimate Swissness; aiming to satisfy clients that desire a more traditionally Swiss 24 hours. At the core of program lies a discovery of the local culture, with local food and traditions being the highlights of the stay
  3. Wellness Seeker; where elements such as nature, silence, tradition, and healthy food lie at the core and allow to embody the Vallée de Joux spirit

Each persona represents a unique set of interests and passions, allowing us to craft customized journeys tailored to their preferences.

While the structure of the Nomadic Hut experience remains consistent for all guests, the segmentation influences afternoon activities, dinner arrangements, and morning activities, ensuring a personalized and unforgettable experience for each guest.

Status of the project

The project is currently under permitting phase. Updates will follow soon.